by Dani Ma

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peeling back the layers, i found
thick as night, rich as blood
our roots tangled deep underground
with precision, grace and will
i sank my blade so deep
severing the ties that bind
you and i into we

oh no no you did not like
to see me claim autonomy
so you took the blade from my hand
and turned it onto me

try to hate me, manipulate me
infiltrate whats left of me
but the truth of my core is a revolving door
continually setting me

free me
free my heart
free me
right back to the start
of love, of love

angels allies ancestors
i know you hear my call
come here now open the way somehow
i fear im about to fall

push your needle, pull your thread
mend these wounds ive torn
some stretch so wide i just crawl up inside
am cradled there and then reborn

heal me
heal my heart
heal me
right back to the start

as i ascend higher and higher
the ground below seems to fade
open my gaze wider and wider
the echoes below seem so vague

trees release their precious leaves
i let it all fall away
roots will be nourished tomorrow
from that which died today


released February 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Dani Ma Ojai, California

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